The Saga's of a Makeup Addict.

The Saga's of a Makeup Addict. Welcome to my confessional.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


This is my first ever blog and its dedicated to my guilty pleasure. Makeup. Makeup! MAKEUP!!! I can't get enough of it. My mom can't understand why I need 5 shades of purple eyeshadow and why one brush isn't enough to apply the said eyeshadows! For the same reason you need teapots!

My passion with makeup began at the tender age of four when I watched my mother get ready for office and saw her slather on several layers of paint, which included a fire engine red lipstick. True to form, once her back was turned, I was wearing that lipstick all the way up to my eyebrows. The same could be said about the two nail polishes she had, once I saw how they were used. By the age of 10, I wanted to put every product I could lay my hands on, on my face! In those days, Revlon ruled the world. My mum had acquired a few more gems in her meager collection, and I began to eye them more greedily and ask if I too could wear some of that lurid pink blush she was wearing. However, my dad, seeing this as a child growing too fast chose to nip this issue in the bud and put a ban on all makeup products till I was 15 years and 364 days old - only then would my ban lift. I saw this as the end of the world for me. No makeup until I was 16? This was torture! Mind you, it meant no nail polish either. But I found my loophole there. Mum didn't mind, so each time dad was out of town, my toes would promptly become bright blue or acid green. When my 16th birthday did roll around, I had accumulated a few gems (they were hand-me-downs, but beggars are not choosers) and at my party, I wore every last item in my collection! 2 shades of lipstick, 3 blushes, (begrudgingly) 1 eyeshadow (I hadn't learned how to blend) and blue eyeliner. It was AWESOME!!!!!! True, the result wasn't the best, now that I look back at the photographs and die a little on the inside, but the sheer glee at the lifting of the ban, now that was visible all over my face.

I now have a 10 year old sister who is also beginning to show interest in makeup. However, she is not allowed anywhere near my makeup collection that I have painstakingly put together on my limited budget and availability of products. I do permit her to play with nail polishes every so often, but she has been threatened with the loss of fingers if she goes near my MAC products. EVER. Ok, maybe not ever, but I do understand now, my dad's reason for placing that ban on me, so many years ago. Think about it, to see a little girl, who is all Hannah Montana and Disney channel wearing lipstick and eye makeup? Not pretty! It just doesn't work! Kids should be just that... Kids. Grubby, knobbly kneed, missing teeth, and happy. Not painted. Sibling has another 6 years, and then she can have at my makeup (with direct supervision and guidance, ofcourse), but until then, kids shall be kids and I need to find a new mascara. Any suggestions?

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