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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ode to Mineral Veil

It's a gorgeous day in Karachi! It rained in the afternoon and now it's nearing late evening, a watery sun a peeking through the clouds which has set all the colors around me alive! Greens in the garden are greener, the flowers are fresher, brighter, the air smells pollutant free and a cool breeze keeps blowing my hair into my lipgloss - ok, maybe that's not the best thing, but it's a great day to be a Karachiite and ask anyone, days like this are rare!

Looking at the skies made me feel fresh, clean, light. It made me want to wear makeup, but not the caked out kind! My skin already protests at the 3 hours a day it spends under paint sticks, so I chose to be nice and apply no foundation. But how, would that stop the unwanted shine from creeping onto my face? How, you ask? By dusting a light layer of Mineral Veil ofcourse!

Hello, my pretty!

According to the information on the Sephora website, Mineral Veil is a luminous, 100% pure BareMinerals finishing powder for the face. It provides the ultimate, translucent "finishing touch" to your makeup. Mineral Veil melts into your skin, infusing it with softness and light, giving the look you see with a soft focus camera lens. It is completely sheer and ideal for all skin tones, Mineral Veil gently absorbs oil and minimizes the appearance of lines and pores without the buildup of pressed or loose powders that contain parabens, waxes, dyes and binders. More information can be found here.

In short, it is a genius invention!

So I dove into my makeup drawer and located my Mineral Veil and the brush it came with my BareMinerals kit. Leslie Blodgett, the CEO of BareEscentuals, recommends the "swirl, tap and buff" method to applying any form of finely milled loose powders. So I emptied a little into my cap, swirled, tapped and buffed it onto my face. Starting from my nose, I swept it over my cheekbones, down the center of my face, over my forehead and across my chin. A little goes a very long way folks! After application, I took a step back from the mirror and observed. My skin looked airbrushed! The effects are immediate and always perfect. Now I had a meeting to attend, so I figured, why not do a bit more? Why not, eh? So I went back into my drawer and came out with these things in hand:

- Mineral Veil
- BodyShop Shimmer Cubes
- Clinique High Impact Mascara
- Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eyepencil in Burbon
- MAC Mineralize Blush in Superdupernatural
- MAC blush in Honour
- Luscious Plumping Lipgloss in Watermelon Ice

It seems like a lot folks, but it really isn't! I used the pinky gold cube on my eyelid, Burbon on my upper and lower lashline and finished with mascara. The face was the Mineral Veil and followed by 3 sweeps of Superdupernatural (from temple, down to the apples of the cheek, back and forth) and finally, one sweep of Honour for a finishing glow... and whatever was left on the brush, went on my nose and forehead. Okay, so I'm digging the dewy look, alright!

This is the final result:

Clean, dewy, not over the top and, darnit, I like it!!!!! I might make this a summer usual if I wasn't worried that my makeup would be defeated by the humidity.

Forward the clock by 5 hours.

The lipgloss is long since eaten, but the veil is still holding strong. A slight sheen has developed around around my hairline, but otherwise all is well. Oh, and the eyes were prepped with UDPP before anything was applied.


The wind is still cool, the light has faded, the day is coming to a close but my face still looks flawless. I love you Mineral Veil. I'd like to thank a friend for introducing me to the wonder that is this product. Thank you Nefer Sehgal! You ROCK!!!!!!

Oh, and today is the FIFA 2010 final. Go Spain!

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