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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Singapore Lovin'.

Christmas 2009 and the new year was spent on the tropical island of Singapore. It was probably one of my most memorable vacations to date. Not only did I fund it, I went solo! Way-hey for being a grownup!

So what's the first thing I did upon checking into my hotel? Scout out the nearest mall, which just happened to be across the road - whadaya know! RafflesCity Mall! And the first thing I hunt down? A MAC counter that I found tucked away in a corner of Robinsons. Now, I had budgeted for MAC before I left Karachi... but they had this holiday collection out that I just couldn't keep my hands off of!

It was the Mischief Makers collection and it was sooooo pretty!!!!! Now as afore mentioned, I went with a budget in mind, and the second I saw this collection, that budget went straight out the back window. I couldn't help myself! The first things I picked up was a set titled "House of Mirth - Deep Lip".

Lipstick: Fantasia (limited edition)
Lipliner: Cedar (permanant)
Dazzleglass: Get Rich Quick (permanant)
Bag: TOO CUTE!!!!!!

By far, the lipstick and the lip liner are my two favorite products that I got from the collection. They suit every time of day, and every look, and a little goes a very long way.

I also got the blush in Superdupernatural. This again was a limited edition color which, by far, is my favorite blush! It's a mid-tone coral with a hint of shimmer, perfect for a medium complexion such as mine.
*sigh* it's love, I tell ya!

The final purchase was the pigments collection titled "5 Cool Capers"

Kitschmas: Shimmering pink/mauve pearl
Fuchsia: Bright fuchsia-pink
Grape: Deep purple with pink pearl
Deep Blue Green: Rich deep bluish green glitter
Transparent Teal: Sparking white with turquoise

My favorites are Kitschmas and Grape. I'm still a little aprehensive with Fuschia as whenever I apply it, I feel as though I have been crying for hours before I chose to dress up.

Aside from these, I picked up things from their regular collection, for which below is a haul.

- Chic
- Glam IV
- M.A.C Red

- Star Violet
- Contrast
- Swimming
- Casino

- 275
- 217

- Blacktrack
- Rich Ground

- Rapid Black

Sephora Haul

Makeup Forever:
- HD micro perfecting primer
- Star Powder eyeshadow

Bare Minerals
- Grace eyeshadow
- Sugar Plum eyeshadow

Sephora Brush:
-12 (crease brush)
-13 (rounded crease brush)

And now, I am broke.

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