The Saga's of a Makeup Addict.

The Saga's of a Makeup Addict. Welcome to my confessional.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Makeup - To - Go!

“There is a great moment, when you see, however distant – the goal of your wandering. The thing which has been living in your imagination suddenly becomes a part of the tangible world.”
~ Freya Stark

I love to travel - I don't really care for the traveling part that involves airports and luggage carousels and immigration, or even the flying part! but I love to arrive someone unfamiliar. When I get there, I take in all that I can smell, see, hear, feel and taste on the air - and then I grin like a little girl at all things new.

I recently had an opportunity to travel to northern Pakistan and live in the foothills of Murree. The trip was for three days and in the middle of an approaching winter, so I had to pack smart, which meant separating myself from all my makeup!

After a lot of consideration and rationalization and logic, I managed to put together my travel bag, and packed it away before I packed more things into it!

There it is, my teeny tiny travel bag, stocked for 3 days in the mountains. Amidst the wooly warm things, I had my makeup stuff.

Here's the skinny:
* Boots tea tree Shine Control Day Moisturizer.
* Stila Pretty in Paris makeup kit (read the full review here).
* Rimmel Renew & Lift concealer in 201
* Urban Decay Skyscraper Mascara
* Luscious Lip Couture in Celebrity
* Revlon Luxurious Color Eye Liner
* Sephora # 13 Rounded Crease brush
* Body Shop Merry Cranberry lip balm

All things considered, I thought I did pretty well in the "packing light" department. Here are a few quick tips that will make all of the above multitaskers!

- Mix a dot of moisturizer and a dot of concealer to make your own eyelid primer.
- The Stila convertible color doubles as lip stick AND cheek color.
- The Revlon pencil blends like a dream and has a smudger at its end.
- The #13 brush is one of my favorite tools to apply, blend, wash, crease, ANYTHING! Its my go to brush.
- Your moisturizer will help to remove any remaining vestiges of makeup at the end of the day.
- Lip balms are an essential part of any travel - be it in the air, on the ride over, after your wake up, before you sleep, after your meals.. You get my point!
- Once you have applied your mascara, use whats left on the wand to set your brows.
- Mix an even bigger amount of concealer with the moisturizer and make your own tinted moisturizer.

And you know what? I didn't miss a thing from my entire stash! This was plenty!! But I did have to stick in one last thing that I couldn't live with out...

The stowaway was the Body Shop Body Butter in Coconut. This one is particularly an acquired taste as I've met very few who appreciate it. For me, it smells like the beach and brings me into a summer state of mind. Also, it makes my skin feel dream soft!

I hope this article helps the packrats like me lighten up some.
Happy travels!

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”
~ Jawaharlal Nehru

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Makeup DO's and PLEASE DON'T's!

If you were to follow one and only ONE rule of makeup, it must be this:

Makeup is to be applied in plenty on light, in front of a mirror.

That's it.

Sure, you can get technical and install a swivel headed lamp above your mirror that's positioned at a 45 degree angle from where you sit/stand in front of your mirror so as to give you the best view needed to bring your features to life, but really, all you need its light and a reflective surface...

... a memo that was missed by a few good folks of the Glitterati.




Oh lordy!

These are images that I chanced upon and well... they kinda do speak for themselves, don't they?

Permit me to provide some simple solutions.

This is Emma Watson of the Harry Potter films fame. She has lipstick on her teeth!!!!! This should be a punishable act!


A simple way to avoid it is by first applying a matte lipstick with a lip brush, blot it and then your gloss over it (the matte lipstick prevents the lipgloss from bleeding and feathering) but to ensure that your lip ware doesn't stray onto your teeth, take your index finger, and put it into your mouth, up to the second digit/knuckle and wrap your lips around it, making and "o" and pull your finger out. Any excess lipstick/gloss will rub off onto your finger, leaving your pearly whites, exactly that!

So who ordered the extra-clumpy?

Tammy Fay has always loved her some voluminous lashes but C'MON!!!!


Take your wand as close to the lash line as you can get with out smearing the eye makeup. Shake the wand back and forth in quick motions to deposit most of the product at the base and then rolling the wand, sweep it upwards towards the tips. Repeat this on the inner and outer corners for clump free, voluptuous lashes. Don't forget to roll the wand for even product distribution!

Everyone knows how much I love bronzers, but there is a point where the glowing stops and the reflectivity begins! Holy light blubs, Batman!


A bronzer should be two shades darker than you skin tone with SOME reflects. Follow the "rule of 3" when applying. Take a big powder/blush brush and start your application on top of the eyebrow arch, towards the temples, down to the hollow of your cheek and back and finally, down to your jaw bone, towards your chin - essentially creating a "3". To further blend, take a kabuki brush and buff it out. To add additional sun-kissed-ness, LIGHTLY run some bronzer across your forehead, nose and chin, only using the left over product on the brush. Finish this with a matte peach/pink blush and glow away!

Miss "That's Hot" has always had a golden glow about her, but CAKED ORANGE is a new one. Lets find her a new BFF (better freakin' foundation!)


When sampling foundations, there are a few rules to follow:
1. Color: Test the product on your jaw line or inner fore arm and blend to see if it matches the skin color. If it does, its the right color.
2. Texture: Creams for dry skin; liquid for combination; and powder for oily.
3. Application apparatus: Liquid foundation brushes for (duh!) liquid, sponges for creams and kabuki for powders.
4. Application: APPLY AS NEEDED! Moisturize your skin first and then apply your foundation to the center of your face and blend outwards. Apply concealer to problem areas and set with translucent finishing powder. THE END!

THIS HAS NOT BEEN PHOTOSHOPPED!!! Nicole here quite literally over powdered her nose!


I'm going to hazard a guess that this was done in an attempt to covered any redness or dark circles. The easier way is to apply a concealer, a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, under the eyes and around the nose area. Cover this with foundation and set it with a finishing power, or Mineral Veil. No re-powdering needed.

Dear X-Tina,
The 'porcelain doll' look belonged to our era.
The 1920's.


Under eye concealer should be only two shades lighter, that your natural skin color so that when you do put foundation over it, it comes back down to your natural tone, as opposed to gray. Also, highlighter should be applied to the highs of the cheek bones, above and below the eyebrow arch, bridge of the nose, cupids bow and the tip of the chin to catch the light. ONLY!

Photographer: "We need some Kleenex here, STAT!! A face is flashing back!"


Mattifying primer! I've said it before, the primer is a genius invention, ye of little faith! It would not only make the makeup last, but it would also absorb the skin's excess oils that come creeping to the surface.

It also doesn't hurt to keep some Kleenex handy on a humid night out. But remember to dab, not scrub or wipe!

There's blushing, and then there's bruised. Overkill X-Tina, serious overkill.


Blush is seasonal - Summer is for bronzers and shimmer blushes. Winter is for a matte flush. When applying blush, decide what you want to accentuate: apples or cheek bones.
Apples: select a color that gives you a wind bitten flush such as a pink/peach color. Smile to find your apples and using a big brush, apply the blush in a circular motions, blending the excess towards the cheekbones. This gives a youthful glow.
Cheekbones: pick a warmer blush color and starting at the temples, coming down and making somewhat of a Nike Swoosh through the hollows of your cheeks and blend! This will also provide an element of contouring too!

There is something to be said about a smokey eye - and something completely different when presented with panda eyes! Not only do they look scary, they render the face devoid of any color and make they eyes look smaller!!


Don't bring the shadow so low under the lower lash line. Using a smudgy kohl pencil, line the waterline, spilling out just a touch onto the lash line. Switch to a pencil brush with some matte black shadow and smudge along the lash line. Not only does this provide the under eye smoke, it also sets the kohl in place. I've too often seen kajal that has run from the waterline, past the last line and accentuating the dark circles. Your body heat causes the oils in the kajal to melt and run. The shadow will absorb the oils and make it last longer.

This post has not been about knocking the celebs, for sightings such as these are very rare and their makeup artists are usually perfect. Countless of us make these mistakes too and don't realize until someone, very embarrassingly points it out - trust me, I've been there!. Be warned, be safe and be gorgeous!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All Hallow's Eve.

So it was Halloween this past weekend, and all of Karachi was a buzz about what they are wearing to Club Night. Benny called me up a month before and said, "so how are you with costume or period makeup?". My response: hell if I know! I've never tried either! She wants to be either an avatar (oh my, that's gonna be a lotta blue and white everywhere!) or a geisha (she's gonna have some serious dancing troubles). I told her it would take some research, some trial and error, but we could get there eventually.

Flash forward three weeks

"Tanyaaaaaa! The avatar costume material isn't available! I'm gonna have to purchase a whole stock of tacky cheap blue material and it's just not worth it!"

My reaction: *phew*

Flash forward a few more days

We're slumped in Ben's room, I'm exhausted after a long day at work and Ben's curled up into a ball because her tummy muscles are killing her. The tv is on and we're flipping channels and all I registered what a flash of a blue wig when Benny exclaims "I wanna be Katy Perry for halloween!!!" What the?! She whips out her phone, calls up her designer friend and asks her for an estimate for the cost of making a dress out of confections and if it was even plausible. Ofcourse it is! But it'll cost Rs. 8000 to make (that's about $90).

Flash forward another couple of days

"Damn, I really wanted to be Katy Perry, but it's just not worth spending that kinda money for just a few hours. I need another look." I suggest, why not do like a zombie doll/corpse bride/bride of Chucky type thing? Her response "yeah, but I wanted to be Katy Perry!"

Wednesday night


It's Benny. "You won't believe the last two days I've had! (gossip gossip gossip)... And I've been thinking more about that dead zombie doll idea..." Ka-CHING! I knew I'd sway her eventually! "I have a white skirt, but I'm going to need like a lacy white top and some ankle booties." And while she rambled on about costume ideas, I mentally rubbed my hands together in delight of the upcoming play day ahead of me! Oooohh, what fun!!!


Benny shows up to be house with a backache and a heart set on venting about the trials and tribulations of living in Karachi. We sit down to chat, while she eats lunch and I inwardly curse my diet. She still hadn't found the white top and person X had really hurt her feelings. We (and by that I mean SHE) finish up lunch and head into my room where I dive head first into my closet and come out with two tops that looked like they could belong to a doll. Tried both, loved both and decided to see which one suited the look better. Then we got caught up on Gossip Girl. Evening rolled around, and I started to collected my makeup. The look of judgment, mixed with horror, mixed with amusement, mixed with derision on her face, when she saw how many places my makeup emerged from, nearly made me feel guilty at its volume.... nearly. But then I retorted with a clever "don't jealous" and felt instantly better. Two armfuls and a car ride later, we got to her place, where she made me a sandwich and I set up my transformation station in her flatmates room.

And so it began on all hallows eve...

I started by covering her from forehead to back to decolletage with Kryolan TV Paint Stick in Ivory and set it with the lightest foundation powder I owned. (In retrospect, I should have started by covering the eyebrows - a mistake, I will never make again) I covered the eyebrows by using lash adhesive to glue them down and then covered them with my foundation. Next came the eyes. I measured a quarter inch under the lower lashline and starting from the tear duct, I drew and outline all the way till the outer eye. I filled it in with a matte white cream shadow and set it with a matte white powder. Then, using a black gel liner, I liberally lined the upper lash line and followed it around the new lower lash area I made, thus making the eye appear much bigger, rounder and more doll like. Using a gray shadow, I drew in a new crease line which ended near the natural brow and drew in a new brow, half an inch above the natural one. Using a shimmery gray shadow, I began shading from the crease line upwards and added a shimmering white highlighter underneath the new brow. Oh and I used a neutral shimmery color on the lids too. I should mention that before we started this "reconstruction", so to speak, Bens had put a bucket load of hair product in her which we then proceeded to set with rollers and benders to give it that curly, abused look. An hour before opening them out, we blasted the hair with heat from a hair dryer too. Once the eyes were complete, I added a set of the craziest lashes I could find on the upper lash line and a set of relatively natural looking ones below and using a gel liner, we filled in the empty areas with hand drawn lashes. I contoured the face with a matte charcoal gray shadow to give her a hollowed, unhealthy look and then drew in the lips. After concealing them, I took a black eye pencil and drew in heart shaped lips. Mixing an indigo and bright fuchsia eyeshadow onto my ring finger, I dabbed the color onto her lips, giving her a purple toned lip and coated it with a purple lip gloss. Finally, we opened out the hair, back combed it some and tied two red ribbons into the messily partitioned hair.

The final look...


Just the picture of innocence, ain't she?

Oh, and the dress was finally a white cotton spaghetti strap top with a frilly white skirt under, which, eventually looked like a dolls frock. This was paired with black stockings and gray ankle booties that had black lace all over. I was one proud mama indeed!

Oh!!!! And in between creating a dead doll, I made me an Egyptian goddess too! Blue on the lid, gold as high lighter, gold under the eye, tons on black gel liner, false lashes, mascara and oodles of bronzer everywhere made Ms. MB a glowing, gorgeous (which she already is) goddess!

Next year, I'm taking a leaf outta Cougar Town season two and dressing up as a weather person that got blown away!

... Or something like that..


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pretty, Pretty.


The seasons are a changing in Karachi and I felt it today. Sure, the blistering sun is out, but despite that, there has been a cool breeze playing today - it made Sunday brunch something to enjoy out on the patio! There's something to be said about eating outdoors on a day like this, with the sunbeams playing hide and seek through the leaves on the towering mango tree that stands proud in my grandma's back yard, I enjoy my desi breakfast with a hot mug of tea. Although I have never visited Europe (and airports don't count!), but this is what I'd imagine a day out in Paris would be like. It put me in mind of pretty things!

Pretty clothes, sparkly gem stones, intricately cut silver, a bow clip on a baby's soft curls, the pinkness on her cheek, the twinkle of joy in my grandma's eye at the sight of her family collected around her to eat...

and of course, MAKEUP!

And what would be more apt than what I forced my brother to purchase for me...

Here is what Sephora has to say about this palette.

"The second in a five-part series of collectible palettes, The Pretty in Paris palette is all you need to get pretty on the go! It features Stila's award-winning eyeshadows in four trend-setting shades: Crepe (pale pink), Cherie (reddish brown), Jolie (brownish pink) and Chocolat (brown). The palette also includes Convertible Color in "Rosebud", a limited-edition shade, and a built-in mirror for easy application and touch-ups on the go!"

Yup - pretty, pretty? Most definitely!! Priced at $10(USD) at, I just HAD to have it!

Now I tried to swatch the colors, but again, I'm still hating the quality my camera is providing, and it just can't do justice to the colors! So, I'll just give you the skinny here.. Crepe, Cherie and Jolie are all shimmer shades where Chocolat and Rosebud are matte.

Crepe is in the palest pink shade with mother of pearl reflects in it, and it makes a wonderful all over wash as well as an inner corner color, but I would not recommend it as a highlight under the brow bone unless you're going really fancy! For everyday highlight, if you need to, stick to a matte white or ivory or in that family.

Cherie, being s reddish brown/russet shade, is my new favorite color. It's got microscopic red glitter in it which gives it that pop of sparkle that makes it so pretty!! I wouldn't use it as an all-over-lid color because something about reds makes me feel that I haven't slept enough the night before, or I've been having a good cry. But it looks wonderful when used over a gold base to make it look more bronzy or with Crepe to get a nice even gradient color.

Jolie is similar to Cherie, but where Cherie is based in pink, Jolie is based in brown. But the rest is the same, with the red glitter in it. Infact, the colors are quite interchangeable, depending if yr in a pink or brown mood. I have paired it with a gold, and it makes a stunning crease color! Or, use it as a lid color and put black in the outer V for a fabulous smokey eye!

Chocolat is just that - a matte milk chocolate color. Which is why it is fabulous! It makes a great crease color, and these days I'm digging brown as an eye liner! So after I applied my eye makeup, I used a Urban Decays' 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Bourbon (a glimmering dark brown) along my lash line and set it using Chocolat, which gave it the effect I wanted - lined without looking lined and deliberate.

Rosebud is a limited edition convertible color which looks very 'old rose'. Sephora says

"Stila's ingenious lipstick and blush-in-one proves irresistible. Non-greasy, this creamy, sheer tint adds an inherent glow to the cheeks while lips bloom with fresh, radiant color."

To tell you the truth, I have always run far from cream blushes as I have always felt that they would be a nightmare to blend and in a town where stepping outside your own bedroom causes you to break into a sweat, cream blush would do more damage than good to my skin. But now I'm learning otherwise. I've used it a few times and I've found that it wears very pigmented at first, so you feel almost clown line - DON'T blend it further, because once the color settles, it gets absorbed into the skin and you hardly see it then! Also, it doesn't have the longest life, this one. I wore it to office, and around the 3pm mark, it was long gone. I can't honestly say that I'm ready to renounce my love of powder blush and embrace cream blushes completely, but I will admit to learning to love it, slowly but surely. I can say that I love the idea of a lipstick/blush! And when worn right, it looks like the perfect summer flush. Also, don't forget to add the tiniest dab to your forehead, nose and chin to keep that summer kissed look even and natural looking.

And there you have it - my soft, summer, Pretty in Paris eyes! Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

La la Luscious!

"Tanya, you are a sad individual" - Benazir Azeem.

This young lady has used reason, logic, guilt, taunts, threats and general demoralization to get me to stop buying makeup. It didn't work! I went a little loony and bought makeup from Luscious Cosmetics here in Karachi, spending all the money in my wish jar, that was supposed to pay off my phone bill... I can survive a few days without the luxury of out going calls, but I NEEDED that makeup! Below is my haul and review.


So, what do we have here:
- The LE Twilight Palette
- Eye Shadow in Deep Forest
- Nail Lacquer in Cybil
- Lip Couture in Celebrity; and finally
- Ultra Protective Whitening Base.

Lets start with the palette.

It's just smaller than my BlackBerry, but packs quite a bit! The sleek black shiny case has been emblazoned with the Cullen family coat of arms that is well known to all Twilight buffs out there. It comes with a 8 shadows, 4 lip colors and one face powder... Oh, and a mirror but no applicator! For that, you'll need to get their brush kit. But I'm glad there's no applicator as, mentioned in a previous post, I tend to toss them right out.

And here's a bit'o trivia for you. Click here to see something similar which came out before at a more well-known makeup outlet...

Moving forward...

The colors are:
Top Row: Full Moon, Mortal, Jane, Eclipse
Bottom: Alice, Esme, Venom, Rosalie.

The Lip glosses are:Glow, Emily, Fatal, Bitten

and the face powder is called Bella.

There are my swatches! I didn't swatch the lip tints or the face powder, because to swatch and get the right color on camera is a darned pain!!!!
When I showed my purchases to Benny, my beloved friend who is quoted above, she asked me, if the palette already had a green, why did I need to get another?!

Elemental my dear Benny.

Because I'm hopelessly addicted to green and purple shadows and this green shadow was the most pigmented of those available from luscious.

This is a fun color, and is probably one of the only from the luscious regular collection that I like. The rest are way to sheer or not pigmented enough.

Here it is as a comparison to Venom.

L-R: Deep Forest, Venom.
It looks ashy, but it's more forest green than venom which is yellow toned.

The nail lacquer, I found this to be as close to a true blood red as possible. The color took three coats before showing its true potential, BUT!!! the brush is terrible!!! The bristles are thick and very plasticky and the one I was sent didn't even have uniform bristles! I couldn't send it back, so I went to Vicky's and told them that the applicator sucks! And they happily made the exchange, but they did tell me that most customers complained about their applicators.

My camera is farsighted for some reason, I can never get it to give me a proper picture up close, so I'm sorry guys, you'll have to just settle for the image above to understand the color. But I vouch for it!!!

When I heard talk about the lip couture range, I was told its lipstick in a gloss form. That was enough to intrigue me right there! I went online and looked at the swatches and had no concept of the color just seeing it there. So I decided to close my eyes, pick the one that I hoped would stick (:P) and ordered it. It was in the color Celebrity.The Luscious blog has this swatch palette showing you the colors. The online store shows you this, but my swatch taken in natural light shows

It looks more like spice color with yellow undertones. But when I applied it, the color was a real surprise! It looked great on me! Matched my natural lip color, which is more pink then this spicy color, and it was very well pigmented too! The only downside was that the color would bleed into the lip and eventually feather. I applied a lip liner under this too, but that didn't do much good either. It feathers onto its self too. Pity, cuz it's a great color!

The last and final thing was the Ultra Protective Whitening Base. Luscious claims

Here to the rescue is Luscious Whitening Base SPF 35.

All in One:
• Oil-free Moisturiser,
• High performance Sun Protection
• Makeup Primer

The benefits? The list is endless.

Your makeup will go on more smoothly and last longer.
Apply all over your face and neck at least 15 minutes before you go out in sunlight. Use it alone or before applying foundation or face powder.
The right balance of sunscreens helps protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays-without irritating your skin.
Invisible and non-greasy.
Contains light reflectors for a glowing, radiant complexion.
The formula is perfect for our region and climate. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 35 is the ideal recommended by dermatologists for our skin.

What I found:

It's most definitely not invisible! I wore it as is and it made my face chalky and white. Uncool dude! It has light reflectors, yes, but I found that it added to the whole "whiteness" of the product. Plus the solution is very thick, almost paste-like. So I decided to improvise. I took my usual moisturizer and mixed it in equal parts with the base and applied that all over my face. It worked much better than a stand alone and I topped that off with my all time favorite Mineral Veil.

Ok Tanya, that's alotta jibba' jabba' for just 5 things, so I'm outtie!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010


You see someone from afar and you want a closer look. You notice the clouds of billowing hair, the flawless skin, the dreamy eyes, the smattering of sun-kissed freckles across the nose... there is soft music playing in your head as your eyes glide over all the features - but that music comes to a screeching halt as your eyes land on the lips.

Hello gorgeous.

This is the image that comes to mind when I see dry, cracked, chapped and flaky lips. Imagine THAT coming in for a kiss, would you lean in or run away screaming?
People spend so much time pampering their skin, cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing, and yet they completely forget their kisser. It needs some TLC too! So when you prep yourself for you next night time regime, add another 2 minute ritual to your list - Lip Exfoliation.

I remember when exam time would come around, and I'd glance around the library, I'd see more people chewing their lips rather than biting their nail or bouncing their knees. It's a nervous habit, yes, but its also a opening the door to lip sores, swollen sections and, yep, you guessed it, MORE dry and chapped lips. I've also noticed that if dry lips are ever commented upon, the lips are instantly licked. Lets nip this fallacy in the bud right here and now - it does not help! It only makes matters worse as saliva dries off super fast, leaving the lips more chapped than they were before. Bottom line: there are easier ways of ridding yourself of dry, chapped lips.

It's not at all difficult or daunting. There are several ways of exfoliating, below are just three of the most popular ways.

The Petroleum Jelly Way:

Things needed:

- Petroleum jelly
- A soft toothbrush (use a children's toothbrush)

Apply a liberal layer of petroleum jelly on your lips and let it soak in for about 2 to 4 minutes. Then, using the toothbrush, rub in small circle motions while applying the lightest pressure possible. Lips are sensitive and the slightest amount of abuse will cause them to swell. After a minute of brushing, take a tissue and wipe off the excess jelly and wash off your lips and pat dry. Now you may apply your favorite lip balm or chapstick and leave it for the night. In the morning, you will be greeted by a pampered pout.

The Sugar Route:

Things needed:

- 1 tsp sugar
- 1/2 tsp olive oil

Mix the two into a gritty paste. Pick up the paste and apply it to your lips. Using either your finger or a toothbrush, scrub your lips gently in a circular motion. The olive oil will absorb into your lips, leaving them soft and hydrated while the sugar acts as an exfoliant, scrubbing away the dry stuff. After a minute or two, wash your lips and pat dry and again, apply your favorite lip balm. Recommendation: The Body Shop's Lip Butter. The sugar paste does not keep, so I suggest make enough for each application only.

The Lanolin Method:

Lanolin is a natural product that comes from sheep and is used as the primary moisturizing element in lipsticks. It is also found in creams and gels for very dry skin and can be found in the breastfeeding supply section of supermarkets and drugstores. At night before going to bed, apply a dab of lanolin to your chapped lips. A little tiny dab of Lanolin goes a LONG way, so start small. Place a BB sized dab on your finger tip, and generously coat your chapped lips. You want an extra amount for night time, and the lanolin will soak into your chapped lips pretty quickly the first time around. This will work to soften and loosen the dry skin from your chapped lips.
In the mornings as you wake, and before stepping outside, re-apply a little less Lanolin than you did for night time use, remembering a little tiny bit will be plenty. Lanolin will leave a protective barrier on your chapped lips, and will help your body heal the damage on your chapped lips. Studies show that within a day or two of this treatment, chapped lips are nothing more than a bad memory.

Aside from the last method, pampering your lips is a fairly simple process - all it takes is a little know how to send your lips from


Got it? Now pucker up!