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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Bashful Bronzer

Ah bronzers... How I love the... And how you evade me! I mean seriously! They run, hide, conceal and are either way off budget or outta stock whenever I try to get my hands on 'em. The last bronzer I purchased was one by Elizabeth Arden it was in the color Sun Goddess Medium and was the prettiest color I owned. Gave me the honest-to-summer-sun-kissed look. It came with its own kabuki (which I've long since lost - it was a sad moment of realization) which gave you great over all application without streaking or looking deliberate.

Aint she pretty? This one had a very long existance. The manufacture gave her the life span of 36 months, that's three whole years! And I love bronzers so much that I'll wear them in the dead of winter (if it is actually "winter" that we have here) to retain the last vestiges of the summer gone.

But alas! She was hit by the Curse of the Butter Finger and fell to her shattering end. What remains are the survivors of that fall that still serve me well, whenever I dare to open the container, fearing a wind will blow away the bits that I cling to so dearly. I will miss you once you're gone.

But hope was not lost for me! No siree-bob! Enter Maybelline Expert Wear Stay-True Bronzer in the color Forever Warm. My saving grace came to me in the from of a trip to the super market and a perusal through the cosmetic counter where I came face to face with this little jewel.
It cost me rs. 650/- which is not bad, as in my experience, bronzers tend to last forever! I'm loving the embossed sun - it's just so cute! Makes me not want to use it... But we all know that's not going to happen :D Resisting was never my forte.

Very pretty. It comes with it's own applicator/brush, but in my experience, any applicator that has come with products are usually of throw-away quality (the exception being this as the brush comes from their prize winning/highly coveted brush collection) and so I either toss them or just never use them. This particular brush has very stiff bristles which will get the product on your face, but it becomes a nightmare to blend it! Atleast I don't like using stiff, scratchy materials on my cheeks - they feel like they were rubbed down with sand paper!! No thanks. I'll just stick to my BareMinerals Flawless Face Brush or any regular kabuki to apply and blend the product.

Now don't hate me for not showing you what it looks like on the face, like I said, it was too pretty to dent just yet, but I did swatch some for ya!

The payoff is great, and I'm loving the shimmer. I'll post a follow up review on this product soon - it just didn't make sense for me to put bronzer all over my face just before I had to go to the gym for an intense cardio session! Haste makes waste, and it wouldn't be fair to the bronzer! No, I will wear it in the morning and after spending the whole day with it, I'll get back to you.

Bronzers, I love you. Please start loving me too!

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