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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Drop-Shadow Effect

I love Smashbox Cosmetics!!!!!

I can't say it enough! It's a fabulous brand with amazing products and with a very creative team of makeup artists. They have a channel on youtube where they show all the amazing things they can do with their products and showcase their new stuff too!

Let me share a secret with you: To unwind after a long day, I go online and watch makeup tutorials. Now SHHHHHH!!! Don't tell anyone I told you! They help me relax! So after one very exhaustive day, I was watching Smashbox's channel when I came across something they called the "Drop-Shadow Effect". As I was watching this video, I thought to myself, holy smokes, this is brilliant! It takes eye makeup to a whole new level of fun!

The concept is simple: why not bring the focus to your lower lash?

I had to try it! I found my guinea pig in my cousin who very graciously volunteered (THANK YOU Z!!!!!!!)

And it looks great too! What I've done here is, a neutral shadow to the lid, a brown in the crease and outer V, a black pencil liner, very fine and very smudged, right on the upper lashline to make it appear fuller and as much mascara as one can stand. And Z has such GORGEOUS lashes!!!

On the lower lashline, I applied a white eye pencil to the waterline and used my Urban Decay 24/7 eye liner pencil in Ransom, just along the lashes, all the way out to the outer V I made. Then I took my Twilight Palette and picked the purple color called Alice and use my pencil brush to set the pencil, make it more vivid and blend out the edges. And then more mascara, if you please!

It's so simple! In concept and in practicality too! When ever I'm feeling whimsical, I knock out a drop shadow look that has people doing second takes. Try the above using greens or blues.

Or check out Smashbox's version of them!

Black and Neutral...

... Or Eggpland and Taupe...

... Or Charcoal and Silver...

... Or even Blue and Gold!

Try 'em all out! Nothing spruces up a look like a splash of color.

Happy Drop-Shadowing!

P.S. Z rocks the Drop Shadow!!!