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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Don't Hate on Primers!!!!

Ok, so a primer is a relatively new thing out in the world of makeup and somehow, it still hasn't found its way into the main stream Pakistani market. Proof: My teacher at Depilex has been an active makeup artist for 10 years and can recite the names of the entire MAC Studio Fix Fluid liquid foundation range as well as the Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation range, but when asked why not use primers to prep the skin, she responds "primers?" That caught me off guard completely! So I know Luscious has launched a Whitening Base that triples as a primer and Art Deco has an eyeshadow base - neither of which I have had the opportunity to try just yet, but they are the two I have found at Vicky's in Khadda Market and they are there!!!! So why are they so underapreciated?

By definition, a makeup primer is exactly that - it primes the skin for applying makeup. Made up mostly of waxes, polymers and silicone, these substances can form a bond with other cosmetics, causing the cosmetics to have more longevity than they would otherwise. They form a surface to which makeup adheres to, all the while smoothing fine lines on parts of the face. Foundation goes on more smoothly and evenly, as does blush, eyeshadow, and many other cosmetic products, if the lines are first smoothed out somewhat. Although the smoothing is temporary, it can last throughout the day.

Before I discovered the wondrous world of primers, I accidentally stumbled across a gem by the name of Urban Decay Primer Potion. Dummy that I was, I thought it was a concealer, despite the fact that I asked the lady at Sephora what was the best way to prevent my eyeshadows from creasing on me. She handed me this curious looking jar and said, this was the makeup gods gift to us eyeshadow slaves. And curious looking it was!

My first thought was, "genie in a bottle" - for obvious reasons :P Anyway, I took it home, looked at it, tried using it as a concealer, put it away, forgot about it, found it again, used it as a shadow base and forgot about it again. It wasn't until I wore it one afternoon, not having any idea how my day would transpire - I did my makeup at 1 pm for a lunch, which lazily slid into tea time, which became chilling out time with my friends, which eventually became dance practice for a friend's wedding, which turned into dancing till about 2am! I remember thinking to myself as I was heading home, two things: a) dad would kill me for coming home late! and b) my eyes must resemble that of a raccoon by now. It wasn't until I came face-to-face with my bathroom mirror that I saw my eye makeup hadn't budged an ounce!!!!!!! My blush was down to my jaw, but eyes were as I did them 11 hours ago! Only then did I realize what I goldmine I possessed in my hands! And there's sooo much product in that little tube! It's STILL as good as new! My record for wearing this primer and my makeup is 18 hours - to this date I don't know how I went 18 hours without rubbing my eyes, but I did and everything stayed exactly where I had put them to start with.

It was after this did I develop an appreciation for primers and my first makeup primer came to me in the from of BareMinerals Getting Started foundation kit. For the longest time, I was using Prime Time primer by BareEscentuals.

It is a clear viscous gel-like solution. Only a pea sized amount is required for the entire face. Apply it in a thin even coat all over the face and wait for a few minutes till it dries and settles in. Then run your finger tips over your skin and you can feel the difference it has made! I would match this with the BareMinerals Mineral Makeup for a flawless look. That was until I ran out of primer. I was so upset! And then my saving grace came in the form of a trip to Singapore and the opening of a brand new Sephora at ION Orchard.

When I got there, the experts recommended HD Microperfecting Primer by MAKE UP FOR EVER as opposed to Prime Time. And props to them, they were right! Where Prime Time was a clear gel, these are colored potions, the consistency of liquid foundation that are designed to enhance whatever type skin you have! For example, the #5 blue primer adds radiance to fair skin and reduces minor imperfections. One pump from the bottle is enough to cover the entire face. Who'da thunk?! I use the #2 mauve. While I was there, I wanted to restock my Urban Decay Primer Potion, but alas! The Singapore Sephora didn't carry the Urban Decay range! I died a little on the inside, I must admit. But they did point me in the direction of the primer they all used above any other - that being the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. However, since my UDPP is still going strong, I haven't had the opportunity to put the Shadow Insurance through the ringer just yet - however, the reviews are good, and based on the youtube makeup tutorials I have seen, primer potion is used jsut as frequently as Shadow Insurance.

But to come back to my original point, I have gotten so used to using primers, it positively blew my mind when my teacher said that the paint stick was IT for makeup bases - eyes and otherwise. That's how she had done it for 10 years and had never heard a complaint to date about the makeup creasing or smudging, as the paint sticks did a perfect job. Now personally, the paint sticks begin to irritate me after extended wear, so I usually remove mine after 3 hours. In those three hours, the makeup hasn't moved, unless I'm profusely sweating, which in this weather, you can't avoid. However, to anyone who has used primers and paint sticks, can you vouch for their durability? Or am I just suffering from a bias?

I'd really appreciate an opinion, ANY infact.

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