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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The student that could....

So I wrote in an earlier post that I was taking a makeup course. I still am and I've reached the part where they give us free reign to do as we wish as far as makeup looks are concerned. While perusing the M.A.C. website, I came across the launch of their new mascara called the Haute & Naughty Lash. It has a very interesting campaign poster, but here is the look that caught my eye

Holy drama, batman! I wanted to be able to recreate this!!!! Or as close to it as I could with my resources: coastal scents 88 shimmer palette, black eye liner and 45 minutes. Are there any volunteers??? Please, oh please! Enter Saima Ansari. Saima very graciously sat down and left me to my instincts to get this look. Bless her.

Here is what I did, step by step - the pictures aren't of the best quality as I took them with my Blackberry, but it shows the look clearly enough.

So first I applied the base, comprising of Kryolan paint sticks in Ivory and Chinese and set it with Etude's BE-2 face powder.

Next comes contouring and blush. Taking any medium shade contouring powder and apply it starting from the ear, going into the hollow of the cheek and stopping where abouts the apples begin. The blush used was a dark coral-ish blush from Atiqa Odho Cosmetics in the shade Love Bird.

Then we come to the eyes. I began with a base shade of baby pink. This is Atiqa Odho's pressed eye shadow in Rosa.
This is followed by using the bright purple on my Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer palette - the one right above the lid clasp. After that, I applied a layer of the black from the palette right where the pink and purple meet to further define the crease line.

I followed the same pattern of colors on my lower lash line, applying purple to the outer two thirds and pink to the inner.

A major part of my time duration had elapsed by this time, so I chose to focus on one eye, so as to be able to complete my look! So applied a highlighting color on the brow bone in the palest shade of pink from the 88 palette and using a cake liner

Following the upper lash line, I applied the same to the lower lash line and winged it out. I also thickened the top liner and connected it to the lower to form a very pronounced wing.

Next, came a very defined brow which I filled in using an angled brow brush and black eyeshadow and followed that with two coats of L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black to the upper and lower lashes.

I felt the look needed additional drama. So I used M.A.C Lash 4 to give it that additional "oomph factor". Each person applies false lashes in their own way - for me, I apply the glue to the lash vein, let it dry for a few seconds and then place the lash in the center and guide it towards the edges.
Eeeyup! That seems to have done the trick. And for the final look...

TADA!!!!!!!!!! Not half bad, if I may say so. 45 minutes is what this took me. Now had I more time, I'd find a way to cram in more drama with the use of glitters and maybe pronouncing that lower wing some more. But heck, I'm proud of me! Now it's your turn - create this look and tell me all about it!

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