The Saga's of a Makeup Addict.

The Saga's of a Makeup Addict. Welcome to my confessional.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Makeup Course and Haul

I was sitting with my parents the other day and was discussing the makeup artist my cousin had chosen for her wedding when my dad asks me, why don't you do a makeup course?



Now why didn't I think of that? No seriously, why didn't I? Its not like I'm doing much else these days. So I fired up my dinosaur of a laptop and got to researching makeup schools in Karachi and I came across 3 out of which 2 offered a professional makeup program.

1. Depilex provides an advance makeup course, along with many other courses for aestheticians.
2. Pivot point, aka Ravissant (but it's better known for their hair courses; and
3. Bina Khan gives personal grooming lessons.

After many phone calls, tantrums and questions, I finally settled for the Depilex course. The course itself cost a whopping rs. 50,000/- and that doesn't include any equipment! That was a separate battle that I had to muscle through. I mean that quite literally! I went to Boltan Market, which is in the heart of the city, to get my products for the course at retail value. It wasn't worth the time and energy it took to get there, elbowing my way through throngs of women and stragglers to finally make it to Humayun Brothers, the hub of all products sold in the market. This was a bad idea, for several reasons. The store was impossible to find, the heat and humidity left me light headed and swooning, the size of the shop made me claustrophobic and to top it off, once I made my purchases and returned to civilization (aka, Defence) I discovered that Vicki's Cosmetics in Khadda Market also sold the same products at retail value, as did Hina's Cosmetics on Tariq Road. *ouch* But at the end of the day, and several thousand rupees poorer, I returned home with:

Kryolan TV PaintSticks

In Chinese, Ivory, FS36 and FS38. Funny thing, FS38 is lighter than FS36 - I really thought it would be the other way around!

Next was Aquacolors in the same range as the paint sticks.

Finally we had to get Etude pressed powders to set the foundations. The paintsticks are cream based and if they are not set with a finishing powder, they WILL crease on you!

Clear as it must be from my haul, the first thing we learned was about foundations: skin types, skin tones, blending, creating color, avoiding the cake-y look and how to tackle problem skins. Seems simple enough. Lets see what they have in store for us further in line at this class.

The class began with a breakdown of what is expected from us, and what we should expect from the course. We get lectures, practicals, tests, assignments, and at the very end, we have to give a presentation - subject matter is open, as long as it relates to makeup! I'm thinking, stage makeup for my final presentation. Oh, and get this, the final exam is us getting tested on how to put together a Pakistani bride from start to finish! Daunting, really... But, it should be fun!

Until next time!

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