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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Manicure Monday

Who of you has a blackberry? You don't? Well, should you come across someone that does own one, just ask to see their nails and you'll notice that they are kept trim and short. My two best friends carry iPhones and aside from constantly berating me for choosing RIM over Apple, they both have luxuriously long talons. Sadly, my addiction to BBM has restricted the growth of my nails since November 2009 and I have had to keep them very short. But that doesn't stop my love affair with nail polishes!

See below.

Alright, alright! So maybe I am channeling a 15-year-old-Lizzy-McGuire-type vibe, but it was just so pretty!!!!! The color I mean... My mum just saw a glimpse of it and thought I hadn't washed my hands after playing with food coloring and frosting, and when she did look at the nails up close, she gave me a look of purest disdain - aka, GROW UP TANYA! No, I refuse. My dad thought my nails looked frostbitten. Seriously? Frostbite? In the middle of July in Pakistan? Unless I left my hand on some dry ice and forgot about it (Hah! Highly unlikely one would FORGET!), there's no way one could be get frostbite here.

But that's beside the point.

It's pretty! It's a blue that looks turquoise in yellow light but is actually a really pretty, pale, shimmery, pearlescent cyan blue. And it matched the rainy skies of this week! Ok, now I'm going to start comparing it to different things I believe it could be, as the title of the color is "52". That's it! Just a number! A number doesn't classify a color!

I picked up this topaz hued lacquer at Vicky's in Khadda Market for rs. 135/-. I had been rocking the pinks for a while and had delved into reds as well, but those were beginning to bore me. I needed something to break away from the usual and so I went with this one. This shimmer gives it an icy finish but you do need a couple of thick coats to get it to its true hue. Golden Rose, I believe was established in Bulgaria and can be purchased here if you are in the States. I have worn their colors before and would recommend that you remove it after a few days as nothing says GROSS like yellowed nails. If you are able to finish it off with a good quality top coat, the color will last longer, and as an perpetual BBM'er, I know a thing or two about chipped nail color, especially on my thumbs!

So the options we have thus far for titles are Cyan, Frostbite, Topaz and Icy. I actually like Frostbite, because it does have a zing to it - the color I mean :P But that's just me! I've picked up a few more colors, but those will be reviewed for the next Manicure Monday.


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