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Monday, July 2, 2012

Manicure Monday Is Back!

You know what I love? Free time. I found some on my hands today - Gotta love bank holidays!! So I decided to update my blog (much needed!) and do my nails!

Last week, I went and got a nail polish from Color Studio Professional's new HAUTE collection.

Red Devil by Color Studio Professional

The color is called Red Devil but more than red, it's pinkish... Which is fine by my because I've developed this love for obnoxiously pink colors for nails and lips! (won't do eyes and can't do cheeks... Or haven't found the guts to wear it on the cheeks yet...) ANYWAY!!!

I enjoyed the solid color for a day or two.. And then thought, how can I amp this up more? And then I came across this... The best thing ever! Sammy over at the Nailasaurus has the easiest technique for gradient nails.

Of course I had to try it.

So I took this and this..

Red Devil and Manhattan by Color Studio Professional
And did this..

Voila! Apologies for the lack of clean up and the henna residue, but I was sooooo excited!

Word to the cautious: It is VERY messy and you gotta work super fast!

Please try this, and post back your picture links. I've just tried this combination but I'd love to see what you come up with.. Or different techniques even?

Lotsa love!!!

Off topic...

Have you guys heard of this band called Boyce Avenue? No? Click on the link and listen to the covers they have done.. I don't think I've voluntarily played any other song other than what they have done in this past week! Personal recommendations:

1. Say - Cover of John Mayer
2. Half of my Heart - Cover of John Mayer
3. Superman - Cover of Five For Fighting
4. Everything You Want - Cover of Vertical Horizon
5. What Makes You Beautiful - Cover of One Direction ( I must add that the original irritated me to death! This is like a whole different song altogether!)


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