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Monday, July 23, 2012

Get NAKED! - On The Fly


A: "Tano, I'm coming over and I need you to do a smokey eye for me."
Me: "Ok, how long do I have?"
A: "I'll be there in 5.. You have 10 mins..."


I'm supposed to pull of a day time smokey look in 10 mins? Are you kidding me?! 

I mulled it over for a minute or two about what goes into a day time smokey look? It's not black, that's for sure! And I'm kinda liking grey these days... So lets go that route.

And guys, believe me, it took less than 10 mins to do her eye makeup and just a few more to put her face together. I found it sooo simple, I had to recreate it on myself. And then I had to share it as well! So here goes.
The Hardware: The Naked Palette, two fluffy brushes, a grey eye pencil, a black eye pencil and your favorite mascara.

 Start out by applying the grey eye liner to half the lid and smudging out the top line like so...

Remember to prep with your favorite primer for a longer lasting look.
 Next, taking on fluffy brush, start at the top with the highlighter. Go in with VIRGIN all over the brow bone, then NAKED in the crease and finally, pick up GUNMETAL and buff that all over the eyelid and blend upwards to the crease.

All the eyeshadows in place.
 Now, the finishing touches. Use your most favorite, most smudgy black eye pencil and run it along the lashline and blend it out. Apply mascara and clean up the fall out and add concealer.

The completed eye.
At this point, I stopped for A and added bronzer and a light pink lipstick and sent her skipping to her event.

After she left, I got to thinking, how could I amp this up further? So I recreated the look on myself and came up with two options:

Option 1: The conventional route.
 I call it "conventional" because a lot of people like to recreate what is on the top lid, on the lower lash line. So again, same black pencil to the waterline and using GUNMETAL again, smudge the black shadow downwards. I took a touch of SIN and put it in the tearduct to make the look jump out a little. Apply mascara and you're good to go.

Option 2: Whimsy.
What's life without a little fun and whimsy? This time I took a dark teal eye pencil, and ran it through my waterline. Then, taking CREEP on a small smudging brush, I buffed it out and added mascara.

A kiss of blue.
 I've always found blues and teals to be the an amazing contrast to brown eyes, making them pop out that little bit more.... But that's just me.

I would wear this with a light bronzer that can almost double as a contour and highlighter (think Smashbox's Soft Focus Baked Fusion) and then rock it with any lipstick! A went with a baby pink. I would go the fuchsia or red or nude route too!

 Then I proceeded to prance around the house looking like that! :p

Check it out! A makeup artists mixing palette!
 I hope this inspired some of you who are too afraid to rock a smokey eye for fear that it will take too long to put together.

Love love!

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