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The Saga's of a Makeup Addict. Welcome to my confessional.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Match Perfection Concealer

Blogger is a sick puppy these days. The doctors said it's Sinusitis - but I don't trust them... Notta bit! No, it's definitely something much much more sinister that has been unleashed upon my bein,g designed to reduce me to a congested, stuffy nosed, hacking, sneezing monster. Steam, Vicks and a box of tissues have been my companions during this hard time...

This is exactly how I felt, red nose and all!

Just call me Rudolph.

Couldn't breathe, couldn't taste, couldn't hear!

The constant use of tissues had scratched the skin around my nose and had left me with broken capillaries. But please, lets add insult to injury - mom said there's a family wedding and I have to attend. No excuses.


When I was able to find the energy, I went and stood in front of the mirror and took a good look at myself - sallow and sicky looking skin, puffy eyes, swollen red nose and a general air of pathetic-ness... And I'm supposed to suddenly look presentable?!

Oye ve!

Okay then, if I wanna go from that up there to a relatively close version of ---> ...Well, I can dream, can't I?
So sue me, I'm ill!

Anyway, I had to do what I had to do and look presentable. And what better chance would I get to test run this guy?

Meet Match Perfection Concealer by Rimmel London

I kinda felt bad for putting this guy through its paces in such rough conditions, but hey - I had very little choice here! So I took a deep breath (that was followed by a series of coughs and sputters) and got started on my skin.

The usual moisturizer, primer and liquid foundation. And then I broke out this guy. After a little bit of coaxing, I got the product onto the brush tip and applied it around my nose, under my eyes and onto any spots I had to conceal. The formulation is thick so that worried me at first, but it blended like a dream - no caking here! Now to be honest, I'm not too crazy about the brush tip... The only purpose of it is to apply the product - I still needed to use my finger to blend it out. Another issue I had with this was that it settled into creases a little too fast for my liking... So apply setting powder asap after application. Other than that, it seemed pretty good for its initial use. The thick texture worked in my favor to cover up all the redness the illness had brought onto my face and I set it all with the Match Perfection Compact Powder and a biggest fluffy brush I owned. Then I finished the rest of my face and headed off to the wedding.

I will say this, this product didn't do as well as a highlighter for me - maybe I'll have to get one in a lighter shade but not this guy.

Also, word to the wise - avoid shiny products near the center of your face when you're ill. If your skin is anything like mine (combination) when you're sick, it gets glossy and any product with shimmer in it makes it look like an oil slick.

Back to the evening....

4.5 excruciating hours later, I came home and was dying to crash, clothes and makeup in tow, but that wasn't happening. So I glanced in the mirror and was very impressed to see that it had done its job of concealing well AND it didn't crease or cake on me! Plus, my skin didn't feel heavy or clogged (or maybe my sinuses were just doing such a phenomenal job that I just couldn't tell :p) so that was a job well done! Once I removed my makeup, I saw how crummy I looked, I instantly fell more ill and just wanted to collapse onto the floor right there and sleep - maybe there really is something behind the whole "looking good is half the battle won".

But for now, I must recover. Somehow. Someday. Someone help me!

Have you tried Match Perfection Concealer? No? You must! My shade is Natural Beige. Get yours!

This product was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions stated are purely and honestly my own.


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  2. @ShyCheeeks - Thanks love! Starting to heal now, slowly but surely!

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