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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Get Cheeky!

Long gone are the days I used to drool over eye shadows. Now its these beauties that get me all eager and excited!

I'm really loving cheek products these days... Can't get enough! I've been seen walking the thin line between a pretty flush and bruised and battered. Today I decided to pull out some products that I've been loving over the winter and spring. Some are high end and some are locally available.

Lets start with the blushes:

Meet "Superduper Natural" by MAC. It's a Mineralize Skin Finish Blush that was limited edition. It's a dusty rose pink with flecks on gold. Great for a dewey finish! Use the same shade on the eye with mascara and you won't need much else.

Very similar to the MAC blush above, this is from Shoppers Drugmart in Canada by a brand called Annabelle. Its more pigmented and should be reached for with caution. That doesn't stop it from complementing a smokey eye and a neutral lip!

This here is a NYX blush in the color Peach. Now looking at this, it looks more baby pink than peach, but for those with warm/yellow undertoned skin, this shows up as a fresh peachy blush. I wore this mostly during winter as it is a matte shade, but by no means does that mean you can't wear it over the summer.. Knock yourself out!! Put together with a stained lip and some colored liner, you're good to go!

This is Coralista by Benefit. True to its name it's a corally color which smells very pretty too!! It's got some shimmer to it, which makes it sooo much fun to wear when you're feeling blah and don't want to bother with too much makeup. This plus a pink gloss and mascara, and you're set for the day!

Bring on the bronzers!

I've blogged about this puppy before. This is Maybelline Expert Wear Stay-True Bronzer in the color Forever Warm. Its a sunkissed glow with a hint of shimmer. Apply this to the back of your cheekbone and blend it with Coralista for and instant "pretty-to-go" glow!

Now this one here has recently joined the party. Enter Smashbox's Soft Lights Mini Baked Fusion. It may not be able to provide contouring worthy bronzing, but it does an amazing job setting your skin aglow! Apply to the high points on the cheek and blend it with NYX's Peach on the apple of the cheek. It's fabulous!

Meet Falcon. He is a matte bronzer which is available locally in Pakistan by Atiqa Odho Cosmetics. This is the first matte bronzer that I have truly enjoyed using. It does what you need it to do without going gray and chalky on you. Not to mention its good quality and CHEAP!!! Best worn in the hollows of the cheek with Superduper Natural just above.


Two come to mind in this category.

The first in Honour by MAC. This is a super shimmery shade that must be worn with caution. A little goes a very long way.

This is Dove by Atiqa Odho and is a misunderstood jewel. It is a neutral toned blush with gold shimmer. It can be used for highlighting purposes sure, but I use it as an all over face glow! Evidently I love this product, I've already hit pan here!! With a fluffy brush, dust this all over the face, add lipgloss and go! Like Falcon, it's completely inexpensive!

Honorable mention goes to two recent acquisitions that are fabulous cheek products.

First is Stila's convertible color in Rosebud - blends like a dream and stays put!!!!!

The second is Smashbox's Artificial Light in Flash. This is an illuminizng lotion that goes onto your skin with a Mother of Pearl sheen, making you look dewey. This is what I wear when I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard with blush. I'd apply it to the highs of the cheekbone, above the eyebrow, on the bridge of the nose, the cupids bow and the chin - basically the high points of the face that catch the light..

So go on my friends, get cheeky!


  1. hi tanya'
    nice blog.keep up the good work:)

  2. Such a fascinating collection =D

  3. @Shahtaj: Thanks for the kind words!

    @Feminine: Thanks dear! My pride and joy, these babies!

  4. Do you think Maybelline stay true bronzer could be a good substitute to NARS laguna?

  5. how pretty collection u have...

  6. @Pandora - You know, I haven't had the honor of trying out Laguna and putting it thru its paces, except at the sephora counter.. And in those passing glances, I'm gonna give you a solid no. The maybelline one is a lot more glittery where laguna is more on the softer shimmer side - does that make sense? NARS products are a lot more pigmented than the Maybelline ones as well. No comparison as far as color payoff goes. But I will say this.. It's a good buy! I've enjoyed using it since I ran outta my Elizabeth Arden one!